information overload

There is so much bad and sad news about. And all of it important: Deforestation, Pollution, War Crimes, Domestic Violence, Hate Crimes, Homelessness, and so much more. To ignore any of it seems a crime in itself. Do I want to be ignorant and unfeeling? And yet is lying awake at night in a state of […]

Youth Workers Wanted

We are recruiting dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic Youth Workers. This is a casual position with the possible opportunity to continue on an ongoing basis. Shifts include days evenings sleepovers and weekends. You will be required to assist clients under child safety orders, with complex care needs and trauma based illness. Some may display high challenging […]

if your religion requires you to hate someone you need a new religion… Seriously?

Dear friend, I am feeling sad and confused by your facebook post. So I ask you what religion requires you to hate? You reply you had no religion in mind, just any religion that requires that. I say no religion requires that. Maybe people who interpret their religion that way need a new brain. [I was […]

reminder to self: what it’s like to be stuck in a low

It’s like this. I have a stone in my shoe. I know its there. It hurts. I know it will need to come out sometime, but not just yet. I can’t stop now in the rain, in the middle of a great sea of people pushing me along, hurrying me. I can’t sit here and […]

white foxes

my friend there is so much that you have missed each morning the sun still rises to touch the clouds with gold that place that sells the good kebabs is making real lemonade again and Sara’s baby girl giggles in her sleep they say she couldn’t see that anymore she lived in a world with no […]

Gratitude day 4

for the little brown dog who has trotted beside me for most of my life through years across the state across the country – valiantly I have pushed her away, stopped being so damn sensitive, drank the concrete, changed my thoughts, words, my mind… but every time I say I’m ok she nips at a heel […]