my xmas revelation

Yesterday I had a beautiful Christmas revelation. I was beating myself up because even after all the Landmark, the nonviolent communication and the transpersonal philosophy, I was still experiencing some hurt over a little comment made by my mother. For Christ’s sake – how pathetic – and when will I finally be enlightened! I then […]

life by numbers

Tribal dance collective soul Permaculture garden with aquaponics Publish my caring science meets info lit work and apply for PhD + scholarship Start a creative business Increase my Ipswich Urban Forest activism and tree planting Last night I wrote a list of projects I would like to accomplish in a year. Then I used a […]

This week my mulberries decided to get all dressed up!

  This week my mulberries decided to get all dressed up! I put them both in the ground last spring, and this the first year the black tree has fruited. It has also grown, and is just taller than me – about 6 foot. In case you can’t tell from the photo, the fruit are […]