A small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by a[n]… object dropping into it [1]. here i am. dropping stones A disturbance or variation which travels through a medium [2]. disturbing my medium. dropping stones References Ripple. Retrieved 23 November, 2016 from: Wave. Retrieved 23 November, 2016 […]

white foxes

my friend there is so much that you have missed each morning the sun still rises to touch the clouds with gold that place that sells the good kebabs is making real lemonade again and Sara’s baby girl giggles in her sleep they say she couldn’t see that anymore she lived in a world with no […]

an ordinary september morning in a bush suburb of brisbane, australia

the light is soft, the sky ablaze in the east, sun rising over my sister’s empty house the neighbour’s roosters are crowing, highway a-humming, small birds whistle a pop-pop-pop tweet a-twitter peep-peep pittering a chirup a chirup a chirup the hens squabble up the hill over breakfast except for chee chee who grizzles at my feet […]