gratitude #1/10

This morning, on this first day of gratitude, I am grateful for my breath. In and out and up she rises. And falls. For a moment loving and nourishing me alone and then leaving, just for a moment before returning replenished. My breath, connecting me to all things. My breath connects me to the earth […]

to Emily Dickinson – almost!

Beyond your reach! You might have touched! Had you but chanced this way! ‘Stead sauntered through the village, Sauntered so soft away. A meadowfull of violets Host bees in morning’s glow, Not for unknowing fingers That passed, so long ago. I wrote this in response to Emily Dickinson’s poem that was (probably posthumously) titled Almost! You […]

ANZAC Day 2017

I have returned from a very local Dawn Service. I love the service – a gathering of neighbours, local schoolkids and their families, the congregation of St Mary’s. Highlights this year – we sang the New Zealand National anthem! Such a beautiful, musical anthem, we were led by a tall, handsome  young Maori from the […]

What is Peace?

I’m working to expand my understanding of peace beyond being a mere absence of its supposed binary opposite: war. I associate peace with words like freedom, choice, opportunity and growth and also community, mutuality and even spirituality. Then there is justice. And safety and inclusion… It’s getting to be an all encompassing mess really and I’m nowhere near […]

if your religion requires you to hate someone you need a new religion… Seriously?

Dear friend, I am feeling sad and confused by your facebook post. So I ask you what religion requires you to hate? You reply you had no religion in mind, just any religion that requires that. I say no religion requires that. Maybe people who interpret their religion that way need a new brain. [I was […]