to Emily Dickinson – almost!

Beyond your reach!
You might have touched!
Had you but chanced this way!
‘Stead sauntered through the village,
Sauntered so soft away.
A meadowfull of violets
Host bees in morning’s glow,
Not for unknowing fingers
That passed, so long ago.

I wrote this in response to Emily Dickinson’s poem that was (probably posthumously) titled Almost! You can see the original in many places including here

The pressure to perfect this was too intense. I thought about every sound and syllable, read so many of her poems and about her life, and the poem seems to have hardly changed from the original. That’s why no post for a month! But there – it’s done, it’s the best I could do.

wild rose

geograph-841221-by-Nigel-Mykura (1)
image: Wild Rose, Nigel Mykura

Thorned limbs catch me in a vicious embrace. One hundred thorns for each small cluster of simple blood-red blossoms.

Frustrated, I remove those thorny canes, avert my eyes from the tiny fallen flowers, and begin excavations.

But you hold fast to the earth. You hold fast.

I sit beside you, then with you.

My own thorns and flowers — one hundred thorns for each small cluster of simple blossoms — become present.

I sigh, replace the soil, and clear the remaining weeds from your base.

*CC BY-SA 2.0

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