compassionately keeping a New Year’s resolution

Happy New Year everyone! Given the New Year was approaching, I wrote about creating a compassionate New Year’s Resolution a few days ago. I said that “your resolution is a communication to yourself about yourself and what you value. A compassionate New Year’s Resolution articulates and strengthens your personal values and interests. It is likely […]

My (most recent) nvc fail

So, Dave picked me up last night after a nonviolent communication (nvc) workshop and I was very excited about all that I had experienced. I bubbled away about it while groping in my backpack for my new phone. Ah – someone’s tried to call me, not sure about the number; I’ll call back just in […]

if your religion requires you to hate someone you need a new religion… Seriously?

Dear friend, I am feeling sad and confused by your facebook post. So I ask you what religion requires you to hate? You reply you had no religion in mind, just any religion that requires that. I say no religion requires that. Maybe people who interpret their religion that way need a new brain. [I was […]