living with adult children

  I have two daughters living with me, both close to becoming adults. Unlike their older sister who left home every year from age 16 to 20, these two seem willing to stay forever. And it often bothers me that the conversations around adult children living at home are so negative. So, I am trying […]

things that are sustaining me right now while my Granny is fading and my secondment is is not as fun as i expected

subtitle: reminder to self to keep doing these things 🙂 yoga – Melissa West’s current series is on working with the inner critic actively engaging with nonviolent communication, reading, doing exercises, writing in my nonviolent communication blog and just feeling my feelings as they occur allowing myself to really enjoy and appreciate my relationships with […]

I love Dr Melissa West, yoga teacher

Melissa West is a yoga teacher. I have never met her, but she has hundreds of beautiful yoga videos available on youtube. For free. Her yoga is for real people with real bodies so people like me with a blown knee can do it. And people like me who aren’t skinny all over and smooth […]

a family history of eyes

A photographer once said to me For godssake don’t smile your eyes disappear. He meant well. I guess professional photographers mostly work for people anxious to look a certain way – with big doe eyes, or something. But though his words were true (and have become more true over time) I didn’t care then and […]

a few things I have recently accepted…

my badass middle aged lady beard the desire to carry tweezers everywhere no caffeine after midday waking up in a sweat at 2am after drinking caffeine at 3pm the dog is incontinent i still love the dog the steam mop given to me by my mother-in-law really is the best present ever