my white fragility

June 2020

The states are on fire.

My neighbour has

been there and

she told me

white people are

afraid to go to many areas even in

Washington which is a

beautiful clean city but

a few streets out there are

black shanties.

She spoke to a

tour guide there and the

tour guide said

she took a

wrong turn one day and

she found herself in a

black area

surrounded by

black people who looked menacing at her and

she was terrified and

she still felt lucky to

get out.

My neighbour said there is a bridge there in Washington, a biggish bridge and you can’t get across it, it needs repair, and she said it’s such a beautiful rich city they must have left that bridge like that on purpose for safety.

I said must be frightening to be black and never be able get to get out, you must be scared for your children all the time too seeing how the police there are so hard on the black people and all the shootings of black people unarmed and stuff

My neighbour said, but don’t you think a lot of that fear is overplayed?

She said that she said that she said that

I said


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