my xmas revelation

Yesterday I had a beautiful Christmas revelation. I was beating myself up because even after all the Landmark, the nonviolent communication and the transpersonal philosophy, I was still experiencing some hurt over a little comment made by my mother. For Christ’s sake – how pathetic – and when will I finally be enlightened! I then […]

the old ones sing

the old ones sing of long ago now – as the ash and embers of our fire thread their way to sky and stars now – I am earthbound and of the heavens the old ones sing now – In 2008 I attended a Women’s conference. The keynote and many activities were provided by the […]

transpersonal: a personal definition

trans•per•son•al  (trænsˈpɜr sə nl) 1. extending beyond or transcending the personal.  My hand is stiff and clammy from gripping the phone. I take a deep breath & I wonder, ‘what is like to be her?’ 2. being or involving an altered state of consciousness.  That afternoon, sitting on the front step beside an empty tab of Panadeine Forte & the dregs of a beer I feel the gut punch of her rage, loneliness, & fear. From miles & years away I hear her voice, quiet and calm like I have never known her to be: […]

our sun

1. at the heart of our solar system, a yellow dwarf star, a hot ball of glowing gases 2. its gravity holds the solar system together – keeping everything from the biggest planets to the smallest particles of debris in its orbit 3. the sun orbits the center of the milky way galaxy, bringing the planets, […]