an ordinary september morning in a bush suburb of brisbane, australia

the light is soft, the sky ablaze in the east, sun rising over my sister’s empty house the neighbour’s roosters are crowing, highway a-humming, small birds whistle a pop-pop-pop tweet a-twitter peep-peep pittering a chirup a chirup a chirup the hens squabble up the hill over breakfast except for chee chee who grizzles at my feet […]

a few things I have recently accepted…

my badass middle aged lady beard the desire to carry tweezers everywhere no caffeine after midday waking up in a sweat at 2am after drinking caffeine at 3pm the dog is incontinent i still love the dog the steam mop given to me by my mother-in-law really is the best present ever

Gratitude day 4

for the little brown dog who has trotted beside me for most of my life through years across the state across the country – valiantly I have pushed her away, stopped being so damn sensitive, drank the concrete, changed my thoughts, words, my mind… but every time I say I’m ok she nips at a heel […]