1. writings on academic librarianship through transpersonal frames: nonviolent (compassionate) communication, caring science, and others.

2. Musings on the personal and transpersonal [mostly historical].

Thank you to the wonderful photographer who shared on Flikr the photo I use as my header image: Keith Williamson. 2013. ‘A snail’s pace Project 365(4) Day 363‘. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Why the snails?

I rush: I have a tendency to read something, go yeah yeah got it good and jump right in. Yes, I am the student who completes an assignment a week ahead and realises just before submitting it that it’s either totally off topic or only addresses the last part of the question.

I rush, I get stressed and anxious too.

I use the snail as a reminder to s-l-o-w down.

And I really really like them! They are brave and beautiful and slow.