Watch “Digital literacies and the role of the library in cities of the future” … and read my review

This webinar is facilitated by Hugh Gardner and Kim Sherwin for Digital Litercies ANZ. The webinar provides a context for the vital digital literacy work we do in libraries, and for me, a new perspective on why we do what we do, and how we might go about that.

My prior understanding of digital literacy was something like: the skills and aptitudes one accesses to recognise and solve problems using digital information and tools. And the role of the library is to foster these skills and attitudes in our diverse client groups.

However, the webinar asked me to consider a much broader context than the individual. Starting at the city as platform, one that ideally provides an environment in which we can meet our needs. Then considering the various geographic and interest communities which also have needs – for space, growth, celebration and more. Of course some communities are better served than others – we have the digital divide… And out of this arises the question – where does the library belong here?

My new understanding of digital literacy is that of a shared set of resources, a body of skills, attitudes and mindsets, something that individuals and groups can access, share, and use to solve problems, communicate and create a more beautiful world.

And the role of the library will be to partner with others who contribute at the level of the city, and at the level of the community. Together, we will ascertain what the need is and what tools are needed to solve those needs. And then coordinate actions to meet those needs. We will be a vital living part of the city and community.

What a vision! I’m inspired.

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