Kholo creek

above Kholo creek
a pink mountain, pink grassy heads swaying gently against the setting sun.

beside Kholo creek
an imprint of her hand in the cold, wet clay.

lost in the night
three childhoods, his parents’ pride, & little sister’s fierce love.

Published by Rowena McGregor

I am an educator, librarian, & researcher interested in how a transpersonal approach can transform communication and create connections even when we are in conflict. I also love snails -- little metaphors I use to remind myself to take some time to dwell on an idea, to revisit it, to circle around it, for as long as I need before I 'get' it.

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    1. Thanks Carolin, i have been a bit obsessed by the case and also the huge attention it received and just tried to boil it down to the essential elements… Alison is gone and the impacts of her murder.

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      1. Rowena, I don’t recall how I arrived at your blog, but when I read your poem, I had no idea of its history of origin. I just felt the energy of the words. I have no idea whether Alison was someone close to you, but I hope your writing has helped to bring you some clarity if not comfort.

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