MVP communication

I have recently encountered the phrase: minimum viable product and its acronym: MVP. For me the phrase connotes a certain ‘hastily thrown together in a dark room by people who know little and care less’  quality. There is a more benign interpretation, but my first impression is much more fun, and I thought I’d apply it to communication, and then consider other applications.

What is MVP communication?

  1. The production of sound and/or gesture in the general  vicinity of another being
  2. The expectation that everyone should just know what you mean by something
  3. Breathing through the nose when you usually breathe through the mouth
  4. Having one or more thoughts

MVP communication  has radically simplified my life! For example, at home, I no longer need to trouble myself with finding the person I want to talk to. I simply scream down the hallway. I can see that this will be even more effective at work, as the quietness of the library will really allow my voice to carry.

Digital communications are also simplified. No need to clutter a message with meaningless conventions. For instance, last month, I would have sent the following text:

Hey Sue! Thanks for offering to cook dinner. Will be home just after 6 tonight.

This week, it was: din4630 


I am very excited by the endless possibilities afforded by MVP and I am looking forward to seeing it applied in other contexts… MVP literary theory is an obvious contender, as really writing is writing and reading is reading, how much more do you really need to say? MVP economics: the ‘trickle down effect’ was hardly noticeable anyway, so in MVP economics, we could simplify matters and just concentrate on keeping wealth in the hands of those who already have it. MVP critical theory: is the ‘critical’ part really necessary – can’t we all just get along?

Well that’s my post on ‘ordinary’ complete (and please note that in the MVP tradition I have not included an image). I’d be delighted to hear any further comments or suggestions on how MVP could be applied in different spheres of life.

via Daily Prompt: Ordinary

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