not good enough
often spent lunch time sitting in the toilet she’d
talk to them
They’d just
walk off.
Ignore you. Makes you
feel like crap.
not worth their time. Something
wrong with me.

a source of torment  
fell down the stairs
left with a
badly bruised face
posted a photo telling them
she’d been hurt.

They started screenshotting photos and
making private group chats
spreading them around.

They were laughing.

mother noticed
grades were
falling, was
stuttering and obviously
kept saying, If they’re being mean, just be mean back.

She said you’re asking me to go against who I am.
She started a campaign
Get Kind and
She wrote a book
My Discreet Bully

Teach kindness
Encourage acts of kindness
Kindness comes from home.


I wrote this as an exercise for the poetry moot I am currently completing. I took a news story and jumbled it up into a more poetic form.

It’s just an exercise, and clunky! But I was so moved by 13 year old Monique’s story that I’m loving my ‘poem’ and had to post it here anyway 🙂

Published by Rowena McGregor

I am a librarian interested in transpersonal approaches to life.

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