for my friend who is looking for love

Ok, I think this will work, maybe not overnight, maybe not until you have forgotten you did it, so don’t do it unless you really mean it (which of course will be fine). And yes, you can change the words of this, just be true to the intention. I will help you tweak them if you like. And if you feel overwhelmed or overchallenged at any point just pause and breathe for a bit, a few moments, or months, it does not matter. There is no rush.

So. read the following aloud to yourself. To a mirror will be fine, or sitting in a quiet corner, in a comfy chair, wherever you prefer, as long as you can give yourself your full attention. Go slow, as slow as you can. You may feel some feelings, feel them as fully as you can. Really ask yourself these questions.

  1. What would it be like to fully know and love myself? What would it be like to love my body, my mind, my spirit, to love my daggy jumpered self and my glamour, my spots and my juiciness, my ‘meh’ and my passion? What would it be like to fully know and love myself in 2016?
  2. What would it be like to  be fully known and loved by a man and to fully know and love him? What would it be like to be in a relationship that respects courage and fear, honesty and quirkiness, history and mystery? What would it look like to marry this man in 2016?

Ask yourself these questions and see what happens 🙂

Published by Rowena McGregor

I am an educator, librarian, & researcher interested in how a transpersonal approach can transform communication and create connections even when we are in conflict. I also love snails -- little metaphors I use to remind myself to take some time to dwell on an idea, to revisit it, to circle around it, for as long as I need before I 'get' it.

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