2015 is almost done…

Blue-reflect by Jerry Segraves
*Blue-reflect by Jerry Segraves

It was a big year. A lot of stuff went on and I did the best I could with it. And before I barge ahead and start planning 2016 I think now is a great time to reflect on a few 2015 accomplishments.

my favourites

1. the first home

Dave and I bought our first home. It was hard in every way imaginable and we needed and accepted help from family and friends. I am still so grateful. We are very happy in our ‘shabby chic’ home and are planning the first minor renovation for January (a stump reset and a couple of beam things reinforced).

2. the secondment

I got an unexpected offer to ‘act up’ in the Law Library, and even though I was scared I said yes, and yes to staying a bit longer than originally intended. I learned and taught the legal research process to a few hundred students. In the end, it was pretty fun for me and the students. I’m proud of that.

3. towards financial ease

I reduced my credit card by quite a bit, but did not get rid of it entirely. I think I have enough saved to pay future bills in cash, so I can see a time when I can snap that sucker in two, so am proud of my progress.

4. the good granddaughter

I visited my grandmother a lot, and helped a bit with moving her from her home to a home. I was very ‘good’ BUT I didn’t always have a good time with her. I am trying to think of a way I can enjoy her company more.

5. closer to mother of the year?

And saving the best till last… I stopped trying to change my oldest daughter and she has started to call and visit a lot more. This worked out well. And I am now thinking that maybe I should try the same with gran.

That’s about it. I’m glad I went ahead with these reflections, I really discovered some confidence in myself and also some new motivation for having more fun and ease in my life. I would love to hear about your favourite accomplishments in 2015…

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  1. thanks for sharing, I like the part ” when you don’t want to change others, they like to welcome you more”. May be I should follow your motto for my younger siblings. Congratulations for your new home. I saw it in your different post, it is a very lovely cottage. Please share with us when you renovate it. I bought a flat and a land too this year, and I need to get the idea of how to build a cottage. Thanks

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    1. Thanks Empathy, RE ,my daughter: I told someone from about it on a public bus and I started to weep, I was so happy and moved. That was a bit embarrassing but to be able to say ‘she says and does things differently to how I do and I just love her to bits exactly as she is’ was wonderful 🙂

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