snail III

I have always been fascinated by snails. I don’t love them for any particular reason, I just do. But, I also love a bit of a list. So, here are some wonderful facts and fancies about snails…

Snails predate humans (and even mammals) by a long long time. Some species had even gone to the bother of evolving into a worm-like creature, protected by a hard tube, and back into their more familiar coil before we appeared on the planet. Today, snails are found just about everywhere. This reminds me that I am not the centre of the universe. Phew!

Snails produce only art, compost, and minimal greenhouse emissions.

Snails are a model of self sufficiency.

Snails are born perfect, whole and complete. And so are we.

Snails grow outwards in a spiral, they constantly revisit old, internal grounds with an expanded point of view. I like to do this too.

Snails sometimes congregate in nice hangouts and sometimes spend time alone. I don’t think they judge one another for preferring company or solitude in any one moment, nor do they nag each other to come to loud parties, or to dance if they would prefer to sit and watch.

Snails are neither male or female, queer or straight. They are just snails.

Snails, (native ones) make good pets. A child (or you) can keep one for as long as you enjoy each other’s company and then find an appropriate spot and release it with no harm done.

Snails give me hope. Hope that life will continue on a post-human planet, hope that somewhere there will be a spring, or a puddle of clean water, or just a spot of damp where a snail can peacefully live out its life, free and content.

baby snail on my hand


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