I finished work in the early evening. My friend said looks like that storm went right round us then. I said I hope it got my place. I got a look. We need a good soaking. I stepped outside through a light sprinkle, almost a mist.

Standing at the traffic lights, willing the bus to Please Wait and getting a Little Damp. The bus waited. Thank you driver! He smiles.

Hopped off the bus. A small trickle of dirty water wanders along the gutter. Dashed with a small group into the train tunnel through some almost-rain. Very dry in here, in the tunnel.

Dodgy guy stands at the bottom of the escalator looking up the short skirts of two girls young enough to be my daughters. One sees him and tugs at her skirt. I stand right behind them and block his view. Yes on purpose. She grimaces a bit at me. I smile back. Been there.

The train is waiting at the bottom of the stairs. A skip and a hop and I’m in. There are a few wet footprints on the floor but otherwise the train is dry and pleasantly warm. I sit next to a couple of young women who amuse themselves and folk around with stories about How Drunk They Were This Time Last Year. They are sitting right underneath the Quiet Carriage No Noisy Conversations sign. I wonder how many people are texting MX right now to have a whinge about that. I look out the window. Everything is blurry outside, the windows are streaming with rain. The doors open at each stop. The rain is making an absolute racket on the corrugated station roofs. At Oxley I see a huge streak of lightning flash right across the horizon. At Darra a little refracted mist drifts into the train. More lightning but have heard no thunder.

My station. It is Bucketing Down. I step through a waterfall that is tumbling from the roof to the platform and splashing everywhere. I am now Very Damp. Through the ticket gates, across the road (under cover) and down into the carpark. A little wave is washing across the concrete. I pretty much keep pace, just ahead of it, hopping over fingers of water that are breaking away from the main body. I reach my car. It is sitting under another waterfall. Water is spraying off it in all directions. A flash and an explosion of thunder. The puddle behind me is getting closer. I slip my shoes off shove the key in the car and hop inside. I am now Pretty Bloody Wet. The car is dry, but the ghost of the fish sauce I spilt years ago is more than lingering in the air. The car starts first go. Yah my dear old Jazz!

We creep home cautiously, the car and I. I am doing my practicing to be a Little Old Lady Driver driving. She is being a Brave Girl. There is a lot of thunder and my radio is just static, so I turn it off. THe trees are waving about but none are down. Phew. Up the drive. I grab my stuff and dash across the flooded verandah and inside. Soaked Through and Straight into a Hot Shower 🙂

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